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By now you should have received an email from SteadmanTech which contains your account username, password. You may now begin placing web pages on your server. The file name for this HTML page is "index.php". To allow web browsers to automatically load your sites home page when accessing http://www./, you must name the home page file "index.html" or "index.htm" in lowercase and that file must be placed at the root level of your web sites directory. This is applicable for your root directory as well as any subdirectories you create.

When you publish your site you should be sure to delete this "index.php" file, replacing it with your sites home page.

In order for you to upload your pages to your site, you must use a process called File Transfer Protocol (FTP). To FTP files, you can use free FTP software or use the publish function in Microsoft FrontPage if you requested a FrontPage enabled account. Some Internet Service Providers may provide you with a custom FTP software, which you can also use if you so desire. In any case, please refer to the FTP information sent to you via e-mail to properly log-on to our system.

If you are in need of help please visit the SteadmanTech Help Center located at http://help.SteadmanTech.net/. Upon your first visit to the SteadmanTech Help Center you will be required to register a new user account. Help Center user accounts are seperate from your SteadmanTech web hosting account login details. After you have established your Help Center account you will be able to submit your support request and view responses from the same online location. We'll do our best to respond to your needs as quickly as possible.

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SteadmanTech Support Team